Following Up IFTD


As we said before, we think this past IFTD show was a good one.  Speaking strictly from the Angling Trade perspective, we think we got work accomplished at this past event in Orlando.  And we think the general momentum felt good.  Once people realize that the show serves a different purpose now than it did, say, 20 years ago, they seem to embrace it.  But it’s on you to find out exactly what that purpose is…

But enough of our opinions.  We want to hear yours, the ones that matter.  Those of you who went to IFTD, please tell us what you thought by choosing the answer that most closely matches how you feel, and feel free to add to the comment thread.

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Is Loomis First to Revise Warranty Thinking?


A lot of companies have been challenged on the warranty issue.  No doubt, many have been talking and thinking.  Certain dealers certainly keep pressing. But by and large, it’s been an issue of “all smoke and no fire.”

Maybe not for much longer.

AT has heard through multiple sources that G.Loomis is revising it’s extended warranty program for rods and will go back to one-year coverage with a manufacturer default warranty.

What have you heard?

Good move or bad move?

Will you retailers be more apt to continue, revisit, or restart a relationship with Loomis based on all of this?

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Sage Sweeps Rod Category Awards

Sage Rod chief designer Jerry Siem has earned his share of fly-fishing industry accolades over the years, but he’s never done the clean sweep before—Best Freshwater (Accel), Best Saltwater (SALT) and Best of Show (SALT). Having caught up with him at the hotel after the trophies were handed out, we could tell he was especially proud. So here’s a look at what makes these rods winners.

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Orvis Recon

Another rod we feel we have to talk about is one that’s going to win plenty of rewards, and by that we mean sales. Orvis’ new Recon rod series is a high-performing rod that’s priced at a mid-pricepoint. We’ve actually taken them out made some casts—they are about accuracy and ease. It’s a versatile rod that should fit right into the wheelhouse of most anglers, regardless of skill level.

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Scientific Anglers Sharkwave Siege

Another New Product Showcase winner (best freshwater fly line) The Sharkwave Siege from SA is a manifestation of good ideas and technologies being applied in the right places, for the right reasons, when it comes to designing fly lines. Look for this to be a new standard in the line arena.

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